Our Missions

Educating | Advocating | Saving Lives

    FIV Cat Rescue is a 501C(3) organization dedicated to debunking the myths surrounding FIV and providing educational materials to vets, shelter workers and the general public about FIV.

    The following 3 items comprise our basic strategy.

  • Saving a million lives a year is the ultimate goal.
  • Education is the long-term path to that goal.
  • Advocating for legal protection from arbitrary laws, outdated kill policies, and misguided organizations is a temporary necessity to keep the cats alive for the other 2 to take effect.
Cat Harley FIV+
Harley, a FIV+ mature male,
living at FIV Cat Rescue sanctuary.

The strategy itself is aimed at achieving 3 specific goals which, once achieved, will lock all gains into place.

The missions can be summarized as:

1. Stop The Killing
2. Support The Supporters
3. Create Permanent Solutions.

Click on a Mission Statement below to read the details of our plans to achieve it.

#1: End The Killing Of FIV+ Cats By …

EDUCATING vets, animal rescues, shelters, and the public about current FIV research to change outdated policies. We will:

  • Work with FIV researchers to compile the latest FIV facts
  • Package those facts into a book and a series of professionally prepared videos
  • Distribute 1 or both widely, so that shelters and vets can re-examine their “kill policies” based on current research
  • Educate the general public so that they do not surrender their pets for termination.

#2: Support People & Organizations That …

Are on the front lines: rescues, rescuers, and shelters

  • Refer individuals trying to save individual FIV+ cats to other organizations equipped for that task
  • Provide information and support for FIV friendly groups
  • Provide tools for rescues and rescuers to use for positive change.

#3: Provide Long-Term Solutions So That …

“Saved” cats lead healthy, happy lives in happy homes. Saving a million cats a year is a great first step. Next we must deal with an extra million cats a year!

  • Change the prevailing mindset from Kill to Love for those with a FIV+ diagnosis
  • Promote spay-and-neuter programs to stop over-population, spread of disease, and justification for killing
  • Support long-term feral solutions, such as TNR
  • Create a public national database of FIV+ friendly shelters, rescues and sanctuaries
  • Create materials to help good shelters find good homes for these special cats with not-so-special needs.


Core Problem: Wide-spread misinformation has created a toxic environment that needlessly kills a million cats a year.The Solution: The antidote to misinformation is well researched facts, widely distributed. Once a tipping point of knowledge is reached, no one will willingly return to out-of-date beliefs.

As antiquated myths die, beautiful formerly unadoptable cats will live.

Cat Jimmy FIV+
Jimmy has found a home,
while Tigger still awaits his future family
at FIV Cat Rescue headquarters.

Funding: The solution to the solution is money. Our 3 missions are achievable, it is just a question of time and funding. If you would like to contribute to this solution, please visit our Donate page to learn about options for your tax deductible donation.