The challenges of erasing years of myths and MYTHinformation are great, but we can overcome them with YOUR help. We will:

  • Speak out to end the unfair and arbitrary killing of FIV+ cats in thousands of KILL shelters that exist worldwide. Lack of education for shelter administrators, employees and volunteers is keeping the myths and misinformation about FIV alive. When FIV myths DIE, FIV+ cats LIVE … the lives they rightfully deserve.
  • Continue our work with FIV researchers to create the latest FIV educational materials. We use these materials to educate vets on the latest research treatments, distribute research findings to shelters and rescues so they can update their kill policies, and educate the general public at large.
  • Create a book with the latest FIV facts and research.
  • Create professional videos for mass distribution.
  • Save lives by providing rescues and guardians tools and resources to help them find Forever-Homes for individual FIV+ cats.
  • Work towards long term solutions of overpopulation and the spread of disease by promoting spay-neuter services through outreach programs.
Snowball, a FIV+ mature female