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Xena, a nonFIV female, lives at FIV Cat Rescue headquarters
Xena, a nonFIV female, lives
at FIV Cat Rescue headquarters.

Not a death sentence!

Thank you so much for reassuring me that Percy does not have a death sentence. You were very helpful with the information that you gave me.

Kim Marie Farely-Veneziano, Buffalo, NY

No more MYTHinformation!

I came across your information while researching the dangers of introducing a FIV positive cat into a ‘normal’ cat home. The facts I had retained over the years about FIV were completely wrong, and I hate to think that others are just as ill-informed as I was. I thought I would also give you a brief overview of who we are.
Oasis Animal Rescue and Education Center

Oasis Animal Rescue and Education Center was established as a non-profit Canadian corporation to provide services that will ensure the protection and care of any domestic animal that is abandoned, displaced or homeless. We offer an animal food bank to fill hungry tummies, an outreach program for seniors and low-income pet owners, a safe and responsible foster parent network and assistance with basic health care concerns.

Deanna Milne, Oasis Animal Rescue and Education Center, Ontario

Hope and Support

“Thank you so much for everything that you do. Your organization will definitely be receiving a donation for support from me going forward. Your website and your help were a constant source of hope and support for me.”

Chris Lyttle


“I can’t thank you enough. You truly helped save these 4 and they are so happy with their new family.”

Dee Pettyjohn