Help My Cat

You probably came here because you’ve been told your cat or kitten is FIV positive or a stay or feral cat you’ve rescued has tested FIV positive.

  • You may have been given outdated information about the cat’s chances for a long and healthy life.
  • Even many veterinarians and shelter personnel still offer firm opinions that were once thought to be accurate.
  • Sadly, such MYTHinformation often leads to perfectly healthy cats being killed.
Cat Princess FIV+
Princess was adopted!

DON’T PANIC. You are the cat’s best hope for survival!

  • FIV is not a death sentence. If the cat is healthy now it probably will remain so for many years.
  • Most cats that test positive can go on to lead a long life as your friend and companion.
  • He or she poses no threat to other pets or your family.
  • Most of what you have heard and will continue to hear from many sources, other than this site, is outdated and is now incorrect.

The focus of FIV Cat Rescue is education. We are not a public shelter or sanctuary and we don’t have the resources to place cats in new homes. We can provide accurate and helpful information to keep your cat healthy and happy at home with you, and information you can use to help save the life of a rescued cat.